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Seamless from Basic Panels up to SCADA

WinCC in the TIA Portal is the software for all HMI applica- tions – from simple operation solutions with Basic Panels up to SCADA applications on PC-based multi-user systems.

Project handling

  • Device-independent configuration data can be used on a variety of target systems without the need for conversion.
  • Shared project data such as alarm classes, project texts, etc., are managed centrally in the TIA Portal and can be used across all devices.
  • Depending on the device, a wizard is available in the HMI configuration for quickly and easily creating the basic structure of the visualization.

Screen editor with comprehensive options for efficient and fast screen configuration

  • Generation of interconnected screen objects via Drag & Drop, e.g. tags for the creation of input/output fields with process interfacing
  • Definition of screen templates and functions
  • Layer technology with up to 32 layers

Object-based data management with user-friendly search and edit options

  • Configuration of alarms and logs directly on the HMI tag, no switching between different editors
  • Cross-reference list with direct access to all objects, e.g. for editing or selection

Libraries for predefined/user-defined configuration objects

  • Storage of all configuration objects in the library, e.g. blocks and even entire screens or tags
  • Faceplates can be constructed from simple screen objects on a customer-specific or project-specific basis. Changes to these faceplates can be made centrally (block definition).
  • A large number of scalable and dynamic screen objects are included in the scope of delivery

Test and commissioning support

  • Simulation of HMI projects on engineering PC
  • Jump to error cause based on alarm messages in the compiler

Migration of existing HMI projects

  • Complete data transfer in projects from WinCC flexible

SINAMICS Startdrive

One engineering for drives and controllers

With SINAMICS Startdrive, SINAMICS G120 drives seam- lessly integrate into SIMATIC automation solutions and can easily be parameterized, commissioned, and diag- nosed. This saves time, reduces engineering errors and training effort.

Perfect interaction of PLC and drives

  • Diagnostic information available in PLC without programming
  • Direct connection between application program and drive

Quick familiarization by high degree of usability

  • Full usage of TIA Portal features such as Drag and Drop, libraries and graphical network configuration
  • Workflow-oriented user guidance
  • Set-up wizards and optimized interfaces for experts and beginners

High-efficient engineering by one commissioning tool for drives

  • The modular SINAMICS G120 with a power range up to
    250 kW for a large range of applications
  • The compact drive SINAMICS G120C for standard applications
  • The SINAMICS G120D for conveyor applications
  • SINAMICS G120P, the specialist for pumps, fans, and compressors

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