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Visualization for Batch Operations

The ability for operators to see a comprehensive timeline of every task required to complete a product batch, including the ability to look ahead into future processes.

When it comes to controlling a batch, the process itself can be inefficient. It’s filled with stops and starts related to manual interventions, and there is no visibility into the next task in the sequence or an explanation for a delay.

The findings proved that batch manufacturing is a process that is constantly interrupted, causing operators to have to reorient themselves with each step. In addition, if something was held up, causing a step to take too long, there was no good way to troubleshoot what was happening before a complete bottleneck or a quality issue emerged.

We needed to address the workflow, which is more than visualization. According to the company, makes it easier for operators to conduct multiple tasks, take appropriate actions sooner and adjust next steps accordingly. It also makes operations less critically dependent on individual operator experience, which will help manufacturers overcome skill gaps at a time when more veteran operators are retiring.
The visual interface includes a graphic representing a unit timeline to see what has historically happened from an ISA S88 perspective, as well as what’s happening at the very moment and what additional operations are scheduled next. A message center allows the operator to see the scope of responsibilities with the ability to interact with active instructions.

Another key feature is the ability to predict what will happen in the future from an operational perspective—if a current step is taking longer than it should, for example. The interface can also show delays in specific operations, providing the user with the ability to scroll around to see where in the process there might be an issue.

In the batch timeline view, an operator can click on a batch ID to drill down on the current batch and where it will go through to the next units. Everything on the unit and batch timeline views are all system displays that come directly out of unit or operational procedures.

Experion Batch is designed specifically for industries such as pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and food processing, where manufacturers are challenged to increase operator efficiency and product quality while using fewer resources to reduce costs. The technology simplifies ongoing maintenance by eliminating the need for a centralized, dedicated batch server. Experion Batch also allows plants to easily and quickly transition from recipe testing to execution while reducing testing and validation efforts, and it is aligned with international batch standards ISA S88 and IEC 61512-1.

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